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Today: Real Madrid v Panathinaikos live watch 7 December 2023 Sport TV

1 day ago — Watch Live: UEFA Europa League match Panathinaikos vs. Maccabi Haifa on December 14, 2023.

But about the game – I think both teams should play some transition defense – way too easy layups for both teams in the begining 8:38 JD: Quick, Euroleague images before this live blog turns into a collection of the deepest thoughts in sports history… 8:42 JD: Sorry guys but all I have right now is a static image of Pelekanos… 8:43 TS: I also see the live stats on Euroleague. net don’t work right now – just if you are curious the score is 13-11 Panathinaikos 8:44 TS: Am I wrong or does it say “Lazaros” on the back of his jersey? AS far as I remember it was his last name last game in Real Madrid – Interesting. 8:45 JD: Come on, Panathinaikos fans, we can’t even hear the cheerleaders! 8:46 TS: Ah there you go the Euroleague commentator is on after a few minutes – and Lazaros is out with one foul – we also haven’t seen Spanoulis so far 17-11 Panathinaikos – Real needs an answer now! 8:46 JD: It said Lazaros last week too 😉 8:49 TS: SO are there any news about Becirovic out there? I keep reading that he doesn’t like it in Panathinaikos anymore … Anybody got insider news? 8:50 JD: Man there is contact. Love you Spanoulis. 9:04 TS: It looks like that Real’s three pointers keep them in the game so far – while Panathinaikos is shooting another great 73% from within the three point line 9:04 JD: Batiste is back in the game despite his 2 early personals. 2 seconds later, a 3-pt play 9:05 CN: quick shot from Le Mans, the French are leading by 10 in the first half, nothing special 9:05 JD: If there’s nothing special going on. COme blog this game with us 😉 9:06 JD: Hmm, seems like someone needs a timeout here… 9:07 TS: I also looks like the AOKA arena is not sold out this time – but I think they won’t see a better matchup in this qualification round, right? 9:07 Jd: Sekulic from downtown. Panathinaikos - Real Madrid Baloncesto 07.12.2023 9 hours ago — Panathinaikos vs. Real Madrid Baloncesto basketball match. You can watch the game's live broadcast on and read the text broadcast on Just give me a quintuple overtime 9:33 TS: and we are back in Athens with a 46-47 for Real 9:33 TS: there he is! Papadopoulos makes it a three point lead 9:35 TS: Reyes keeps being a great free throw shooter 🙂 at least he made his second shot 9:36 JD: 2 pts for Pelekanos. The Greeks are killing the Greeks 9:36 TS: 46-52 9:38 TS: I have heard a few people complaining about the Euroleague commentators – I am fine with this one – he does a good job in my opinion – and I like that he agrees with the referee all the time 🙂 9:38 JD: How many steals by Charles Smith? 9:39 TS: Charles Smith’ last two three have been very short.. he barely touched the rim – maybe he shuld use his legs.. and not only try to steal the ball 🙂 9:40 TS: And not be blocked by the Octopus! 9:40 TS: Alvertis is in! 9:41 TS: Batiste with his third foul – already – not very smart – he was their best player so far and has to leave the court now with still 4:43 to play in the third 9:42 TS: yeah! that commentator rocks! – He talks about Reyes shouting free throws: ” And Reyes misses the first – as usual” I like that! 9:43 JD: A treademark flop after a 3pt attempt by Alvertis 9:43 TS: Oh please what a foul from Reyes – why would you fould Alvertis when he attempts a three pointer? 9:44 TS: Hervelle back for Reyes – what a great cpoaching decision 🙂 9:44 JD: Hehe, Big Papa is flopping back! 9:45 TS: Panathianikos finally made a three pointer – they have been shooting 12% so far from the three point line 9:45 3 by Winston, PAO fans on their feet. Real Madrid CF Oficial Website Official Real Madrid channel. All the Real Madrid information with news, players, ticket sales, member services and club information. Villarreal vs Panathinaikos stream and TV listings Villarreal vs Panathinaikos - November 30, 2023 - Live Streaming and TV Listings, Live Scores, News and Videos :: Live Soccer TV.

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